You are a smart person. Chances are you already know the benefits of adding POOP to your garden or lawn.  But, just in case, below are some more highlights:

Benefits of POOP
  Increased water-holding capacity for soil (may cause savings on water bill)
  Slow released, available nutrients
  Beneficial microorganisms
  Free of harmful pathogens
  Produced naturally from livestock manure & plant material (we know what goes in, and we know what comes out of our cows)
  Fine texture, easily handled with a shovel or other spreading implements



Knowing you are buying locally and knowing where your garden materials are from are PRICELESS!

We have herd (get it?) that some people have been able to cut their water bill in half by applying three inches of POOP to their soil before planting or sodding grass. That's pretty cool!

The POOP produced at our site is humus-rich organic matter, naturally and thoroughly processed by careful means of microorganisms and aeration to a state that is most readily and effectively utilized by the soil and all that lives in it. The natural long-term soil rejuvenation performed by POOP is due to its high organic matter, active biology, and stabilized yet available nutrients.

POOP is a good source for many nutrients necessary for rejuvenating soil. One of the largest benefits of supplying nutrients through compost rather than chemical fertilizers is the slow release of these nutrients. The composting process naturally stabilizes the nutrients of the compost pile into a matrix that holds onto them until the biology brings them to the plant. The plant can then take the nutrients just when they need them.

Our POOP is produced from milk cow manure at Mason Creek Dairy in Nampa, Idaho. (Just west of Boise)